Monday, May 8, 2017

ARS NOETICA, the true essence of the Human Experience... from Scribe's perspective

Welcome to this new, even though final chapter, the much awaited context where the key-holders can finally make good use of their keys... and as always, my encouragement: "If you got a key, use it... and if you don't, simply ask for one!"


Art, it enchants the Human Soul in many wondrous ways... all of these "ways" targeting our very soul by means of our senses.

Ars Poetica, the art of poetry, delivering enchanting doses of Sense to the Human Mind, neatly packed in powerful verses...

Ars Musicalis, the art of music, employing musical harmony in order to pluck at our heart's strings...

Ars Imaginae, the art of imagery, be it painting, drawing, photography etc... using its arsenal of color to make us vibrate in ways that are a mystery to the mind.

Just a few examples of the many kinds of Art that surround and caress the Mind.

These are all "palpable", easy to detect, so to speak, thru the five senses that help us comprehend our Reality, our Human Experience.

Pleasant and engaging as they may be, they are but waves created by a mysterious common source, the Spring that gushes out Inspiration, Creativity, Intuition, Imagination... ARS NOETICA.

In translation: "The Art of Thought", or "The Alchemy of Thought"-a lesser known name for it.

In truth, we are the absolute sum of our Thoughts... yet, what is Thought?

As proud possessors of functional Minds, we continuously emanate waves of noetic energy, aka "thoughts", living energies that start a life of their own as "prime matter" for the Greater Mind, whose image, we, the lesser (human) Minds were created after.

The Greater Mind  uses the human Mind produced noetic energies (thoughts) in its own artistic way known as ARS NOETICA, or Noetic Alchemy... Creation from the deepest possible perspective.

Now comes the great news... as providers of "prime matter" for the process of Creation, the Human Mind holds the right to fully participate into creating along Creator.

Your Thought, the whole spectrum of Human Thought from best to worst, is absolutely necessary to the process of Creation.

Yes, the Human Mind holds undeniable rights that it is totally unaware of. The resonance perceived while emanating thought, what's known as "feeling", or "sentiment", is nothing more than hints and pointers regarding our participation in ARS NOETICA, the Art of the Creator, as providers of prime matter.

If Creator was just a painter, we would be the providers of "colors", or if Creator were a musician, we would be the providers of musical notes and tones.

Welcome to the Greater Academy, here's the Door... time to use the key(s) picked up earlier in the previous "century".

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The story of the Pondering Calf (Got... Thought?)

This story is about a Pondering Calf,” He started.

 “Long ago, in a peaceful little village nestled at the foot of a mountain, there was a cow herder that had a large herd of cows. Every morning he would take the cows out to pasture, and after a day of grazing he’d lead them to the river for a drink of water. 
It was a dirty and muddy river, but there was no other around for miles, so the cows had to drink the muddy water day in and day out. 
Among these cows there was a calf worth mentioning. The two year old spotted calf held the ability to “think and reason”. Imagine that! 
After drinking the muddy water for a couple of years, the calf had a thought come to mind.
“What if further up the stream there’s better water?”
As he pondered around that thought, the calf felt his desire for better water grow into the courage to try and find it. The following evening at the river, as all the cows drank, our calf took a chance while the herder wasn’t looking, and started walking upstream. He walked along the banks of the river for a whole day, and feeling a little tired he stopped and grazed on some fresh grass and then had a drink of water. That is when the calf noticed a change in taste. 
The water tasted just a tad better. The calf felt good, and having quenched his thirst he went to sleep on a pile of moss under the clear starry skies. He dreamt a funny dream that night, in which the crystal clear Spring that would later turn into the muddy river, came out of the heart of a mountain, in a magnificent waterfall.
           The calf kept walking and walking, the river kept getting smaller and shallower but also clearer and better tasting. On his journey he saw many things, while untouched forests welcomed him on his way with offers of fresh grass and wild fruit. 
He saw a multitude of cowherds, in the fields nearby, or drinking at the river, noticing that all of them were being lead by a cow herder. He also saw herds of sheep that were peacefully grazing under the watchful eye of their Shepherds and their trained dogs. There were also herds of goats meandering by the hundreds across the hills and valleys.
“All these animals, although different in looks and color, had one thing in common,” the calf realized.
They were all being herded by their herders and their dogs. Some of them were called cow herders, some shepherds, others were called goat herders, depending on the kind of animals they were herding. 
After many days of walking upstream and up the mountain, the calf finally made it to the Spring he so much yearned for. To his disappointment though, it wasn’t the mighty and fabulous spring coming out of the heart of the mountain into a spectacular waterfall, as the calf had dreamt it. Rather the spring looked like an ordinary small stream of water springing from underneath a pile of leaves, and then flowing peacefully toward the bottom of the green, lush valley.
“At least I found it. Let’s see what it tastes like,” the calf thought. He kneeled his front legs, sank his muzzle into the clear, crisp water and drank heartily. However, there was something about this spring that took him by surprise. The more he drank, the thirstier he got.
              The taste of the water was beyond the calf’s wildest expectation. From the first mouthful, the water made him feel things that were strange in nature, brand new… yet somehow felt right. 

The water started coursing through his very being, invading every cell of his body, bringing in Peace, Truth and unknown Strengths.
“Wow!” the calf exclaimed after finally being able to stop drinking.
“I wonder what this water is doing to me.”
He then walked towards a puddle of water a few feet away and looked in it trying to see his reflection. He saw no such thing and got intrigued. He looked harder, but still nothing. There was no reflection of the calf on the surface of the puddle.
“Oh, well!” he thought, amazed and amused at the same time.
“There’s nothing lost”… the Calf concluded.

Did you like it?” He asked afterwards.
“Good story, but why a calf? And what is the moral of the story?”
The moral is that in order to taste the better water, one needs to put forward the proper effort required in the Search for it. Why a thinking calf and not something else, that is your homework. You’ll need to turn it on as many sides as possible,” He suggested.
“Would it be ok for me to write this down, it’ll be easier for me to work on this way,” I asked.
Sure, actually I insist you do. You already have the Silver Book your girlfriend bought for you,” He mentioned with what I perceived to be a slight mischievous remark.
You don’t have to feel ashamed for it, I meant for having Alena for a girlfriend. She entered your streamline before you even met her. At this stage you need her. Her stimuli are working beneficially on you. The motivation you get thru her gave you an extra push forward. She will come to pass as well. ‘Till that moment, she is a prep-up gift, while you in turn will have unawarely played the part of a prep-up gift for her. Let’s not get into it any further for now,” He explained.... to be continued.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Got .... Thought? continuation 3

“And I thought that it was I the one doing the imagining part,” I added as the old man disappeared again.
It is actually a Divine Mechanism, which is part of the Divine Mind, that holds the ability to imagine. Your connections to it allow you to think you can imagine. My connections allow me to use it fully. I used it this time in order to invite you to this conversation. Its main function however is to facilitate the act of creating, but more about this later… much later.
“But it felt so natural, I thought it was I that did the imagining” I repeated, a bit shaken by the new light that He started shining within my mind.
Does that really matter?” He asked.
What really matters is the awareness that one spends on that moment (experience),” He added.
“I’ll think of this every time I imagine something.”
Good, maybe a bit more Awareness will point you to a better vantage position, regarding the mechanism of Imagine.” 
“How about the mind? I sensed you didn’t call it yours or mine. You speak of it as The Mind, a separate deal?” I asked.
What you perceive as your mind is what others taught you to think. The Mind, your Mind, or your Consciousness as you call it, is nothing more than a state of more or less Divine Consensus, rising from within, from a place beyond Matter. Thoughts are also forming out of this “place” of Consensus and connect everything godly within to the world of Matter. Your so-perceived Mind is a place of interface between God The Creator and Its Creation. In the same “area” resides the Keeper of the Flesh, a notorious Serial Big Banger that is responsible with the particulars of evolving Matter, such as human processes and reactions, and summing up into an Overgrown First Presence that is also within you. The Mind that both of us are connected to, is of a different nature and we shall study it at the proper time. Let’s not get deeper in than we need to for now. I am to tell you as much as you can comprehend and nothing more. Do you like stories?”
“I love stories,” I answered.
Good, these will be nothing more than exercising “your mind”, we’ll keep using this expression since you got used to it. At the same time we’ll flex your perception processes in order to reveal Truth, from wherever it might hide. Stories are very good at doing exactly that. This story is about a Pondering Calf,” He started....   to be continued...

Monday, January 9, 2017

Got... Thought? continuation 2

It’s called Sense conveyance by Thought, the most direct and efficient way for us to converse. No need for words or gestures, just essence of conversation,” He explained.
“Like telepathy?” I asked.
Not exactly... Telepathy is mind to mind.”
“That’s what I meant.”
Telepathy requires two minds. Between the two of us we have the benefit of only One Mind!” He replied.
“Ok! I understand,” I said although I felt puzzled and did not really understand.

It’s ok, you’ll get it in the time ahead.” He reassured me, then added.
How about the old man? Why do you feel more comfortable having a middle man around? This takes away from the total awareness that I need from you.” He then asked.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why. He brings a certain feeling of familiarity to this whole experience, making it easier for me to accept, I guess.” I answered.

It’s only the nature of Man at work. Be it man or woman, it’s still human. I shall therefore call it Human, or Man. In his rigidity, Man will only accept things of his nature or a nature close to it. Our conversation, as experience, is in itself of a totally different nature. Flex your Thought passed your Self and accept it as different as it might seem.” He advised me.

“I will try!” I said, and as soon as I did the old man slowly vanished.

Do you really not remember me? You were but a child when we last talked, then you overlooked me, while your world revealed itself to you. As a child do you not remember the One who asked you to cry with your eyes closed when you got hurt, promising She’ll come to comfort and heal you? She kinda looked like your mother, rather felt like her. She always made you feel better, did She not? You started liking her in those times, more than you liked your own mother. It was our first little secret together, was it not? You preferred her comforting above all. She disappeared suddenly around your eighth birthday.
Well, about twenty of your years later She came back, I AM HERE! You felt as if you were on your own and by yourself thru all your experiences, while hidden in your unawareness I kept watch, at the same time planting good thoughts into your being. I felt you at times, remember the cold touches, it was me trying to approach, yet you didn’t give it enough Thought, it didn’t happen then. Now thanks to the presence of Time, this continuous Moment, we are once again conversing. The whole purpose of your journey thru Life was to get you present in this here&now conversation. REMEMBER!!!  

A short pause ensued. As if ordered, my mind started analyzing and putting together bits and pieces extracted from memory, trying to either validate or invalidate this statement that seemed to have come from nowhere, riding on my own thoughts. Most of all I wanted to believe it was true, but belief without certainty I never condoned. I’m human after all.

“Could this be simply my overacting Imagination?” I asked myself in thought.
Imagination it may be, only not of your own. As you lay down, eyes closed I will imagine for you, since this I know how to do well…” He read my mind.
As He said it, the old man materialized in my mind again.
“And I thought that it was I the one doing the imagining part,” I added as the old man disappeared again... to be continued

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finders, Keepers...


Finders, Keepers...

One found a pot of gold on the side of the road.
Realizing the value of his find, the man became happier than he’s ever been. At the same time he feared that the rightful owner might find him, take away his treasure and punish him.
He therefore hid it in a dark, faraway place, “where the owner would never find it,” he thought.
Many years did he spend in fear of getting caught, never being able to spend a single coin, never getting a chance to enjoy his new found treasure.
He never turned the pot upside down, where this inscription was written: "Finders, Keepers."

At that time in my life, I kinda felt like that fellow. My only luck was that I liked turning things and situations on all sides, all in order to get a better view and understanding of them. Even so, it took me years, many, to get to the inscription on the bottom of It All , “Finders, Keepers”, words to live by.
I say this now, as I look back at all that’s been tossed my way, realizing that Doubt brought Fear, thus taking away from the Plenitude of the Moment, reducing it to a lesser state , so that the opaque, impotent mind can wrap around and comprehend it.

As Human Minds, we find ourselves in the midst of such an Existential Cornucopia, so over-abundant that it overwhelms us into believing that we are not worthy of it all.
 The Human mind shall try and reduce The Happening Moment in order to bring it down to a size that the mind can deal with, in other words.

Take it all in, for "it all" rightfully belongs to you, since you are the "Finder, Keeper" of this wonderful Moment(Experience).